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regardless of time n location will co-ords still work?

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just a quicky really, i know this sounds foolish, (i promise to squint my eyes, focus and grow some grey matter in the meantime) but assuming i`ve aligned my mount with polaris and set the co-ordinates, using stallariums co-ordinates for other objects, is it then just a case of twidling my knobs to the said co-ords and its there for me to then see? regardless of the time? regardless of my location? sorry if this seems a silly quesion, like i said i will endevour to add to my fading store of brain cells.... thanks to all that answer.

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You have to locate a known object in the eyepiece first, then set the RA and DEC circles to this object's co-ordinates THEN you can 'twiddle the knobs' until the new co-ordinates are lined up on the circles and your new object should be visible in a low magnification eyepiece. You can then zoom in with higher magnification and make fine tuning adjustments to the pointing.

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