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First light, Framing & FOV

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At last!!

Last night provided me with my first light experience, however imaging proved to be a little more elusive as I ran into one or two problems.

Firstly, the setup of the cg5 GT mount. I got it polar alignend (by viewing polaris through the polar axis, then did the startup and 2 star alignment procedure. It slewed to my first target (M45) reasonably well. However, targets after that seemed way off. I tried M42 & M31 but it seemed to miss the target, not by loads - but enough for it not to be in my FOV. So tracking of those targets wasnt on the cards for that session. Next time i will add more callibration stars and spend a bit more time on better polar alignment - It was a bit of a rushed first session (only 3 hours inc setup time) but by 2.30am it was getting a bit nippy out there for me and frost seemed to be collecting on the tube :eek:

The major issue was with the framing of M45. With the 20mm EP I could get the whole of M45 centered nicely (my first "wow" moment!) in the FOV no problem. But when using the D60 & the T-threaded 2x barlow you get with the scope, I found that I could only fit about a 1/4 of it the available FOV provided by the viewfinder.... hmmmm :)

Would this help?

Adaptors - Max DSLR Camera Adaptor

My hunch is that if I use that adapter (and not the barlow), I would be able to fit it all in as I will only be using the scopes original focal length of 750mm.

Oh, one more thing..... do finder scopes dew up? Because after a while, nothing seemed to be clear through it - the scope was fine but the finder was next to useless (even though I was sure it was properly aligned)..... hmmm and so beings the "dew war"... :D

I would post the pic I took here, but it would be a little too much "can you tell what it is yet?" to look at...lol... it took me a while to figure out what part of M45 it was (being it was upside down & back to front!). However, I do like the diffraction spikes you get with this scope.... very pretty :)

Hopefully tonight I will get the chance to iron out a couple of the above problems. Thanks in advance for any advice! :D

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Hi most dso's are massive and you won't need to barlow them. Some T threaded Barlows allow you to remove the barlow lens and just use it as a T adapter on its own.

you should post your pics people can give alot of advice by seeing your resulting image.

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The 150P that you have should have a direct connection for the DSLR known as a 'T' male. Using a standard 'T' adapter for your camera will allow the camera to fit directly to this - unless you have already tried this an are unable to to achieve sufficient inwards focus travel? The following images will show what is required:-



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Ah haaaa! Found it!! Thanks guys, I guess while fumbling around in the dark I overlooked that. Just unscrewed it all and now have the D60 on the focuser without the barlow :eek: aces!

Also took apart the barlow to get the other T-adapter...lol... I didnt know it came apart like that :D

Also spent some time this morning to better align the finder scope, so I should get results next time.

Thanks again guys, that has saved me a few quid. :)


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