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hI guys , having mega problems at the moment with processing , maxim is really playing up . well i think its that , if not i,m not sure what it can be , having trouble stacking the images, but anyway , out of 43 subs this is only about 15 at 50 secs , Atik 16 hr used with the Ha filter



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That's amazing Rog - so much fine detail from a few short subs. 50 seconds is nothing with an 80mm scope. The atik 16HR has come up trumps there along with your coaxing. What is the problem you are having with maxim Rog? If you want to email me a few of the subs I can see if they stack ok on my computer. We have a similar version of maxim :D

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Rog........very nice....sorry to hear you're having processing troubles...Hope you sort it out very soon...

Otherwise, you did great on this one....That new camera has really taken your images to a higher level.........


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