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Meteor/Fireball ....Borders/North Northumberland

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Just back from walking the dog and observed a slow moving meteor/ fireball with characteristics like a Gemenid fireball possibly entering at a shallow angle.

22.43UT - 22.44UT Kelso (Borders)

Approx. Mag 0.0

Colour - Dull orange throughout burn.

Lasting 6-7 seconds.

No fragmentation at end but obvious flarings throughout trail length.

Travelled between Cursa (Beta Eridani) to just beyond (Zeta Monocerotis) near the head of Hydra.

This would have been obvious to anyone in the Eastern Borders & North East Northumberland.


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My first thought reading your post was I saw the same thing. But comparing it with my observations it does not quite match up.

4 guests and I saw a slow moving meteor like object (which from past sightings I would put down to space debris. The Start point was slightly further to the left than yours - just below the belt stars of Orion and about 2 minutes earlier. I did not catch the very beginning the guest that picked it up first said it look like a slow moving star which became "brighter than Mars". I picked it about Hydra until it disappeared deep in Leo near Theta Leo (Chertan). I estimated it at +1 mag the whole time.

Although our sightings are similar my location is 54:43N 4:28W - much further west than you. From my perspective was it moved from almost due south to due east. I would have said it was over Isle of Man to South of Hawick. So it should have been west of you in Kelso.

It seems odd there were two such objects minutes apart. I am wondering if something was just skimmimg the atmosphere such that I saw it first then by the time it flared again it was out of sight for me but visible to you.

Whatever was happening it was a great sighting for the guests who are all beginners.


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Hi Mike

Thanks, I checked my watch this morning and it's running 35seconds fast so the timing may well be between 22.42UT-22.43UT.

I noticed it to my SSW just above Rigel near Cursa, it then passed between Rigel and across Orion's Sword but below Orion's Belt. I estimated its magnitude to be no brighter than Betelgeuse, certainly not brighter than Mag 0.0 though the colour was similar.

The trail was slightly diffuse along its length with brighter random knots in it, the head flared slightly but not the usual spear head with sharp drop off with classic meteors....this was more blunt ended burning up near the head of Hydra but not making it as far across as Mars from my location. Looking due south the trail was to the East of my locaion travelling approx. SW - NE roughly along the line of the Border.

I would agree with you Mike, my thinking is probably space debris as in a man-made re-entry.


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