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Dob Azimuth friction

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I am looking to reduce friction on the azimuth of a large dob to improve a motor drive system. The rocker box at present has a smooth surface but another dob I own has a white 'bubbled' surface which glides much better. Can anyone put a name to this (I dont think it is ebonystar) and possibly where a sheet can be found.

Any other suggestions welcome.

Many thanks


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Hiya Linton, back in the days of the early Dobs, I seem to recall they used a Formica ring or disc on one suface and PTFE pads on the other surface.

That bubbled material you described sounds ideal, a large suface area with reduced friction due to the bubbles.

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When I re-built my previous 8" dob from Kev's old tube, I found an article in Sky and Telescope Magazine many years ago about a spring loaded bracket on the centre of the box. This effectively took on a lot of the weight and moved it off the three teflon pads. I got much less friction and no more sudden jerks when moving the scope round. It was a simple design and worked extremely well. But I guess it will of course depend on what size dob you're talking about. It's something Phil could engineer very easily.


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I love the idea of 12" Vinyl! I have plenty of those I would now prefer to hide under a telescope!

Thanks Dave for the spring idea that may well work and also to Calibos for the FRP sugestion, I will look into this.


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