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LED Street Lights


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Hi All,

Just found this artical in the Engineer Magazine, and found the link on-line.

A company in Yorkshire, Carbon Reduction Technology, are working on a street light, dubbed the e-light.

Brighter future for UK streets | News Analysis | The Engineer

If can't see above link, this is a similar artical I also have found:

A street lamp we desire | News | EN for Business

Just thought I'd give the heads up :).


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Great idea - but councils wont even grit the roads :eek:

So can't see them replacing and destroying all the old sodiums..:D

Plus being extremely cynical I am waiting for my council tax to rocket to pay an additional green tax because we are using too much lighting that they are putting up everywhere in Luton...:)

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Council's tend to use a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to run things like their lighting contracts these days.

As I understand, it's effectively a very long contract is given to a private company to install and maintain all street furniture in a Council's area for usually around 25 years.

In the long run it works out expensive but because they are paying a management fee and not buying and installing new lighting as an upfront purchase it keeps the borrowing off the balance sheet and makes public sector debt look lower. This pleases the government who stump up extra cash to pay the contract.

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I think one problem if LED streetlights catch on is that filters will work and therefore one of the few tools we have to counteract street lighting will be gone.


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White LEDs doesn't glow up, and the reflection is much smaller than those sodium lamps. But if there will be a lot of white snow - there will be some reflections (experts say that lesser than those from bulb light).


Narrowband O-III will work in some way.

Another advantage is that motion sensors could be easily used to turn on/off such LEDs when needed.

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