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Bresser Luchs 10x50 Binos


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Telescope House posted their offer on SGL. £30 reduced from over £100. Was on the look out for some cheap 10x50s so this seemed too good to miss.

Don't really know anything about binos so this is really just my own ignorant 1st impressions.

The specs say multi coated, Baks prisms (don't know what they are other than they are supposed to be good) and tripod mountable with the right accessories.

Arrived promptly. Binos, shoulder strap and soft case.

They are light with a rubberised outer. There is a tiny bit of play in the focus. The eyepieces have nice rubber cups. The lenses look green when tilted at an angle so appears they are coated. The R eyepiece focus is adjustable

I was able to get a very sharp focus in daylight with no apparent fringing. The viewing was very comfortable with good eye relief.

Last night we had a very clear sky. Stars focussed to a good point. Fine view of M31, in fact this seems to be seen better in binos than through a scope in a lot of respects. Double cluster looked superb. Not sure whether or not I could make out the North American neb. Lovely to sit back in a deck chair and pan along the milky way. Was going to spend more time but the clouds came in.

so the optics appear sound. Viewing is very comfortable. Lightweight so easy to handle. I'm sure for this price they aren't Rolls Royce quality but I have nothing to compare them with.

For anyone looking for some basic binos which will perform well and give pleasing views you can't go wrong with these.

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I suspect they are both from the same range from the same factory but dressed up to look different. A lot of competing brands of binoculars, sold at different prices, are in fact the same. The 8X40s would give a slightly wider field of view, but 10X50 is generally thought to be best for hand-held binoculars used for astronomy. Both are very good value.

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Sadly, there are no more 8x40 or 10x50 models (they might even be discontinued?) but there are some 16x50 coming soon to sell at £30. I shall put a few in stock as at that price - how can you lose!

If anyone wants an 8x40, I suggest you contact TelescopeHouse and grab em while you still can!!

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Some get on fine handholding 16x bins but others, including myself, will want to put them on a tripod or monopod.

Binoculars are like telescopes - you really ought to have more than one (demonstrated by the attached StarryNight FOV image).


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That's a good SN5 plug there Steve - n I can tell you are a fan. When funds are available for shopping I for one'll be giving you a shout. Looks like a useful bit of software. Methinks it'll also be time soon to invest in a Baader eyepiece too, what with Saturn on it's way round. Will be hoping to find something papery in any xmas cards this year :) I shall inform everyone 'no socks or ties required thankyou' and keep m'fingers crossed.

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I have the Meade pair and they are superb for the money. Although I paid £14.99 from Lidl's :)


hi there just read your thread! i have got a pair of meade 10x50 porro bak 4 glass £16 e'bay never used brand new i think they are brilliant for the price ! the meade travel view has replaced my model they give nice clear bright view's you can get them for about £25 but both bino's are basically the same
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