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Arrived home at 11.15pm to inky black sky .  Haven't seen the sky this clear at home  since the end of winter.  Milky way visible away from ligter horizon.  Lyra showing all stars very clearly.  Very windy and working tomorrow so had a short visual session.

Lovely to be looking at stars again rather than peering at a laptop.  First up was M27  which is filed in monthly comparative.  Then M31.  This is big!  the faint spiral extends a log way out.  Unable to discern any dustlanes though.  Moved onto double cluster.  Great to be able to see this again.  The moonfish 32mm with the nexstar 8" is a great combination and frames it perfectly. 

Quick look at N American meb.  Maybe I could see the gulf of mexico may be I was kidding myself.  Heaps of stars though.  A slow pan across the milky way then onto M57.  Shows very clearly with the moonfish.  10mm EP  - x200 clearly showing slight elongation and was about to convince myself that I could make out the central star when the clouds rolled in. 

So a rare visual session and a very refreshing change

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