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QHY5 and PHD

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I cant get the QHY5 to be recognised in PHD

When I connect the just the USB port up and select ''connect to camera'' it doesnt list it? but I read somewhere you choose ASCOM v5 Camera

I installed the follwing





have i missed anything :)

Sorry noob to this guiding ... Ive been using a LVi SMART :)

Your help would be appreciated..


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Download this http://www.stark-labs.com/depot/CMOSDLL.dll and place it into ur PHD guide installation folder. Then restart your PHD guide. Choose CCD-labs Q Guider from the camera list.

For QHY5 ascom driver, you can download it from here http://www.astrosoft.be/CURRENT_RELEASE/QHY5ASCOMBETASetup.exe and install. Then when u choose Ascom v5 cam, you can see CMOS QHY5 Camera in the drop down list.

Good luck!



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Guy, I think tommy has it, with the QHY5v, there is only the Ascom option. You need to be running the latest release of PHD for the Ascom selection box to appear in the camera lists, then just select the QHY5 from the drop down in that.

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Thanks Tommy and John

I can now find the camera :)


Hi Guy,

How did you get on with the QHY5?

I am thinking of purchasing this for my autoguider camera.

What Windows operating system are you running it under?

Did you find it sensitive enough?

How long do you typically have to expose for to get a reliable star image to guide on?

I have just bought the Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider and was considering the QHY5 as it has a T thread to attach directly to the OAG.



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Hi Martin,

I'm running mine on Vista Home Premium and have left it at the default settings (1.5 secs) and and everything works fine straight out of the box.

Is that Vista 32bit or Vista 64bit?

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How did you get on with this? I can connect to the camera in QGvideo, and see an image. Also, I can select the camera using the ASCOM driver, but I just get a black image - whatever the gain, I see no light, even pointing at a light. I tried in nebulosity, which also connects through the ASCOM driver, and I just get a dark grey screen, no change in light if I move the camera from dark to light. This is without connecting to telescope (no point, no sky).

The red light only comes on when I select to take a dark.


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