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Photon fear!

Mike Godfrey

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Greetings Stargazers,

my first post for sometime.

Regarding that old devil called Light polution -Living in jolly old Portsmouth-the mostly densly populated city in Europe,I realise that the nights sky is not naturally sodium lamp colour,I,ve heard that you can see more than 10 stars in the sky in darker places,although I don't believe it!

Anyway apparently theres been some law change recently and I wondered if there is any information about this to be had anywhere.

I feel like fighting for darker skies.

Thanks dudes,


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The law does concern light pollution and you should find that your local city council is going through a program of replacing your yellow sodium lamp street lighting with WHITE hooded lamps. This in theory helps the light pollution because it's all directed down and very little is directed up. However if you are in the direct line of sight of these things it makes it very difficult to filter out as white light is obviously broadband.

I had yellow street lighting and had some success with the baader moon and skyglow filter. However this filter and others like it dont do diddly squat on white lights. If the area around you is still yellow you can investigate a light pollution filter like the moon and skyglow filter, neodynium filter etc (theres a thread on these filters somewhere) if you have white lights around you you can investigate moving heres a handy link:


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