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Last night - and every clear night for weeks.


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What a few weeks!

I keep checking the weather reports and websites. Can they get anything right?

Last night for example, yesterday I checked the websites - metcheck and the met-office both if these said cloudy. So I decide that I'm not going to do anything much last night.

When I get home and have somehting to eat and then look out of the window - it's clear. Wow once again they get it wrong.

So I start to make preperations to observe (i.e. I set the scope up), I then left it about 45 minutes for the scope to cool down a little and for the last photons of daylight to leave the skies. Then you can guess what happened?

Nope not cloud as such but blumming mist and fog! There were stars visible but the light pollution was extending up to around 50 or 60 degrees and everything was soaking wet.

[removed word]!


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The same here in Essex, my evening last night was an almost carbon copy of yours Al. Except I didn't set up!

At least as the temp's drop even further the dew becomes ice and you can't feel your fingers... :) Let the good times roll!


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