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Cheap astrophotography equipment...

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Well, so my Physics course is going to turn into an Astronomy course next semester... and my teacher has ordered a new scope (note sure the specs... but new is good :) ) Anyone have any ideas for a decent camera that we can see about buying for our class? It would be awesome if we got a decent one for about $0.00 (Heh, I can wish, can't I?)

Anyone have good ideas?


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Hi Geo,

I tgake it we are talking dedicted astro cam's?

The ATIK's are pretty good - but you won't get one of those for $0. Either that or you could pick up a modified Toucam SC1 for about £60 now?


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I can put you in touch with someone who will be able to provide you with a Toucan SC1, SC1.5, maybe even a SC3. If your interested?

Almost all webcams will have a removeable lens and then you buy a screw in Moggy adapter that fit's where the eyepeice goes.


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