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OK, I've decided on the 150PL scope with EQ3-2, however, a couple of questions.

Does the 150PL come with the new Crayford focuser as the 150P,s do?

I've read the eyepieces aren't fantastic on these scopes, would this be much of an improvement :-

Eyepiece Sets - Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit

Rgarding the above, will the scope and stuff combined in the kit above allow me to attach my digital camera, it's a fujifilm 5600 and does seem to have a filter thread on the inside of the lens. If not, what do i need to add? I know I need a tracker to get proper photos but this would be just experimenting. Because the moon is so bright I'm assuming I could at least get half decent moon pics with my fuji attached, could I?

If the above EP's are not great, what would you buy instead as a beginner?

Thanks in advance

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The general (wise !) advice is not to rush into getting lots of accessories. Get the scope, learn how it works and what it can and can't do and where your interests lie. Then consider which accessories you really need.

I think you get 2 eyepieces with the scope which is fine to get you started.

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Does the 150PL come with the new Crayford focuser as the 150P,s do?

Check with your supplier. I think not, but the "old" focuser works well, unless you want to use 2" diameter accessories. One of the benefits of a longer focal length is that focusing is less critical & a "coarser" mechanism becomes acceptable.

I've read the eyepieces aren't fantastic on these scopes

They're not fantastic, but at f/8 they work well enough to get you started. Use them, and, if you get a chance, talk other people into lending you different EPs at observing sessions ... then you'll get an idea as to what is & isn't worth spending money on.

First "upgrade" should be a budget range Plossl in the 14-16mm range to "fill the gap" between the ones supplied.

You may find a digiscoping bracket useful for connecting your camera to the eyepiece when imaging the moon afocally (using both eyepiece and camera lens).

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I;d agree and hold off buying stuff until you have some time with the scope. I bought the Celestron EyeOpener kit initially and found itt quite useful for refining my ideas about what I wanted in better quality EPs. I think if I were buying again today I'd go for the revelation set.

I found the most used EP from the set was the 32mm for its wide views, probably followed by the 15mm.

That was useful because it meant I knew where I wanted to spend the money when it came to getting better quality EPs. Everyones needs will be different and someone more interested in planets might well opt for higher powers rather than wider views.

The EPs supplied with the scope aremt great but thay arent so terrible either and perfectly good enough to get you started and give you a good intro to the whole thing.

I really do think though you should take your time and get to know the scope first though and get some viewing time in. You will have enough gear with the scope to give you some good views and plenty of wow factors without needing to spen anymore cash at the start.

Plenty of time to blow the monet later believe me.

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