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Think I might be getting somewhere imaging, just not any good


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Hi all, well I had 40 mins last night out imaging, and I managed to capture capture rigel at 1st at 2 secs exposure, and was so happy when I took some shots and it came out at the end of the record, until I realised at the end I forgot to turn down the gamma and, so I have just a big, round washed out star on my AVI.

Also I tried on the m42, but for some reason my scope werent tracking it best, think it might have been I forgot to do the date and time so I caught some the m42 and the trapezium, but it had big trails when it was moving though the FOV and also I had the gain to high again so it was bright, but could see red, just blurred wth trails.

So disappointed that I did not capture nothing I could show, but suppose I could be happy I caught something on the web cam ccd. Well it was only my 2nd night with the sc1 mod, and I will keep trying until I get it right, as I suppose practice is the key, as 1st I got nothing on the cam, 2nd night I caught something on the ccd. Plus I suppose it wont be my first disaster or 2nd in astroimaging.

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Hi Anthony

Your right, practice is key and a lot of patience

Dont be afraid of posting your images.

If people can see what you managed to image they can help with advice on how to get it better.

Haha, I have posted lots of images that are not very good, and got some good advice back from SGL members.

Keep at it & good luck


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