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03/01/10 Orion 250 first light.


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Well I set the scope up, checked collimation, then place dew preventing measures on. Waited for a few hours to let it cool off then started to.

Firstly, there is a notice that I've stepped down 2 inches from th 300p, BUT its not that much difference, and as i will be using this scope mainly for photography work its no big deal. Besides, at the eyepiece, the scope gave sharper images and better contrast.

My night consisted mostly of splitting doubles, the sky wasnt too clear. id give it a 5/10.

I started with Almaak. WOW first time I saw this double, what a pair lol!. Outstanding, started withthe 25mm, then the 10mm, then the 10mm with the 2x Barlow, around 240x. Wow it was still really pinpoint. Good optics.

I carried on splitting many pairs, Rigel too. The tightest I split tonight was 1.5ARC seconds, I probably would have got down to 1ARC in these seeing conditions.

Time passed by and now the moon and Mars are up high enough for me to view them. 10mm on Mars. Very sharp, can see the ice caps and other features nicely. straight away went for the 2x barlow and 10mm. Again took my time to focus and got it smack on, awesom! much better than the 300p.

I cant wait to get a 5xpowermate!

The moon was the best I've every saw it, great contrast, sharp as a razor!. What more can i say other than I love this scope, and it doesn't break my back to get it out and in.

Here are a couple of pics of the conditions and my home made dew prevention.





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I remember you asking me about scopes and i told you i loved the 10" F6.3 Orion if the otics are a good set ( and most of em are ) the mechanics maybe a little fiddly, but boy this scope rocks, both visual and imaging. so far Its the best imaging scope ive used ( i now need to try a good C11 And or a 12" meade SCT possibly funded by sale of 12 " Orion ) Liked the 10" so much i just got it back from the guy i sold it too FULL PRICE think that says it all.

F6.3 is really optimal for planets with a newt. long enough to get you in the power ballpark, long enough for mis collimation errors to be tolerated well. Not so long it will never stop blowing in a tiny wind, or need a step ladder/ SCTS do have advantages im afraid, in the imaging stakes. But hey when something performs this sharp. Man just get both lol.

thats what im gonna do. ive got my newt now. Now i need a big SCT. you got a blinding scope there. good luck on imaging with it.

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