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HELP!! HEQ5 Mount and Observing!

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Hi all,

I have my Skywatcher and HEQ5 set up but it's going berzerk. It's not finding stars corrrectly. I've used it fine before. I did OK at the last SGL star party so what the hell's going on now?! I had the same problem the last couple of times and am seriously at the point of selling the scope and jacking it all in!:hello2: I just end up in tears and blooming furious!

I set up the handset OK, I'm sure. I set the scope to my time, date and latitude so I'm pretty sure I'm on Polaris. It's in the little circle on the bigger circle. I then swing the scope back to the park position but then the 3-star align goes stupid.

I must have forgotten something. I aligned the reticule and set the scales following Astrobaby's excellent instructions. Maybe that needs to be done again. It hasn't been done for what must be approaching a year. But would that really throw everything so out??

Could someone possibly ring me, to talk me through? PM me and I'll give you my phone number or give me yours to save you the cost!

Please help!


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This doesn't sound like a misaligned polar scope.

I suggest you double check your handset parameters especially the date. It should read 01/03/2010!


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Hi Alexxx

I have the HEQ5. I made sure the polar scope reticule was aligned first but I didn't bother to set up the date scales. Instead, like a lot of people, I used the Polar Finder software to find out the position of Polaris on the reticule circle. This worked each time.

It could be that your date scales have moved.

Download Polar Finder software - it's free - and I bet you'll find the scales have moved.

I assume you've got everything else correct - date format, mount levelled, axis lock screws tight, power to scope OK (no blinking red power light), etc?

Good luck.


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If the polar scales are wrong it wont have the effect of causing the scope to point to entirely the wrong part of the sky.

AS we have already spoken but I'd sugget in order of priority;

1/ Take the handset back to factory defaults

2/ Reenter you time and lat/lon data an double check

3/ Run a 2 star alignment and see what happens

If its still duff I would suggest

4/ Check power is ok (is red light on mount flashing while in slew if so the power is ropey - could be bad power or bad lead)

5/ If power is ok reload synsscan software - the procedure is in the back of the manual.

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Steve has just talked me through it. All I needed to do was switch the mount off and then on again. It must have developed a glitch. Sorted! Thanks so much Steve.:hello2:


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Thanks for your help Moondog and Astrobaby!

I finally managed to get the webcam to work and even took some vids of the Moon and a featureless Mars! Will be on Registax for the first time tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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