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Help with dob choice please?

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I've got an XT8 Classic and it's a great scope. The base is quite solid and the scope is easy enough to move around. It is also quite well balanced and the spring tensioning system is very good. As mentioned above it's pretty much the same scope as the 200P but the base and other bits are different.


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Thanks guys.. I like the fit an finish on the Orion. The SW price is £269 for the 200P. The XT8 is £299.. the fight also is the SW 250PX is £369

Humm.. lots to think about. I also need to think about space and carrying the beast outside + not putting my back out again, hence the 8!

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Currently have an offer of a OO 10" F4.8 (1200mm) OTA on the table. I only have a EQ5 with 1.75 Steel legs and ticking over whether it will carry it ok. Its a fair price for delux model as well, so giving it lots of thought.

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From experience I can say the XT8 is the best choice for the money. Sturdy and well-put-together while still maintaining overall lightweight portability. Plus the actual optics are incredible.

Thumbs up for the XT8!

The XT8 is a great scope but lists at £299 wheras the practically identical Skywatcher Skyliner 200P is £265.

Both made by Synta as far as I know.

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