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Very Quick Bino Help :(

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As I've just had to move back with the parents (Mrs moved out *sob*) I've not got the space for my scope (*bigger sob*) so I've looked in to getting into Binocular-Astronomy...also means I can take some bins in a bag on my motorbike and find some *proper* dark skies :hello2:

So, from what I've read:

Big Aperture = Good.

Heavy = Bad

Carry In Bag = a benefit!

and so I've seen a gerzillion (technical term) 8x50-ish glasses which all a bit 6 of one, half-dozen of another, but then I spotted these: Adler Optik Adler Kosmos 15x70 high powered binoculars

They're perfectly in budget, they've got thigh-slappingly big aperture, and I can fit 'em in my backpack with ease...what do you people recon? Any suggestions?

Happy New Year :)

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You might need a tripod unless you can lie down on the ground or in a reclining chair...with 15X magnification, they will be tricky to hold steady enough.

I can't give you much help with that particular model I'm afraid...I'm sure others can :hello2:

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The bins look very similar to the Revelation 15x70 Bins sold by Telescope House.

Tried out some a few months back. There is some edge distortion to the view but overall they are good for the price.

They get a bit heavy when hand held so a decent tripod is a must.


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If you are motorcycling (CBR900RRR here :hello2: ) you could opt for a monopod - it's much easier to carry and still takes much of the weight off your arms.

Does this model of binos have a standard tripod fitting...?

*EDIT* - they do I just had a look.

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oh, and if it's telescopic I guess it'll collapse down to a suitably small size! good idea :hello2:

[two wheel hijack] I've got my eye on a 650 V-strom for my first bike, (but the new ST1300 would be nice :) ) I'm doing my DAS in 5 weeks time, then it's off to hunt down the dark skies whilst avoiding the Mr Gatso! [/two wheel hijack]

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Nice - try avoiding the black ice too.

I bought a camera tripod some years ago, a Cullmann 2800 though I'm not sure if it is still made.

It has nifty design where the centre section of the tripod (including the mount head) lifts out and becomes a telescopic monopod...also worth considering if you decide that a tripod is worth getting for home use...then you have the best of both worlds.

I just measured the monopod section and it's only 23" long when collapsed and weighs about a kilo I would guess.

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Some folks love big binoculars but I have never been happy with them. It is just too hard to rigidly mount them and still get under them when looking vertical.

I much prefer my 8x35's especially on a monopod. Even on a monopod, 10x50s are too wobbly for me.

I hope you don't mind a suggestion in leu of the big binoculars....

In conjunction with cheap 8x35 or x 8x40s you might consider the Heritage 130P flex tube dob. It might be motorcycle transportable and will far outperform binoculars and will be much easier to use. An even smaller option is the Heritage 76 minidob, but its planet performance is lousy (like binoculars). The H76 requires a table, but the H130 can be viewed from a chair while set on the ground.

Another option might be an 80mm refractor on a tripod or table top tripod. With a 45 degree image erect diagonal, they will be much easier to use than big binoculars.

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I've got 15x70's and I'd echo the suggestions for a tripod. These binos are quite light for their size but will make your arms ache after 20-30 mins and will be hard to keep steady without support. Stars will look like dots of light dashing uncontroably all over the place.

A cheap (second hand) camera tripod will do if you're on a tight budget - but you'll want it to be as rock steady as posibble.

Seeing as you're a biker I would suggest taking a strong, collapsible hanging bag with you - fill it with a few large stones when you get to an observing site - and hang it from the center of the tripod to help stabilise it.

You'll also want to get an adapter to fit the binos to the tripod. :hello2:

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