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First Light DMK21 (mono)


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I've just managed a couple of first light sequences with my new DMK21 :hello2:

Low sun, dodging trees, intermittent cloud, snow on ground and cold. It was fun!

So here's the best so far. I started with the settings Andy kindly posted a few weeks ago and then tweaked the exposure. The stack is 500 from 1500 at 30fps, exposure 1/455, gain 273, gamma 89, brightness 19.

I used the lens from a 2x barlow screwed into the end of the camera and a standard PST. Captured with an NC10 netbook and IC capture, stacked in Regi5 and wavelet tweaked, coloured in CS2.

I'm quite chuffed :) - certainly better than my attempts with the webcam.

I still need to learn proper processing to get the best out of the captures, and I'm looking forward to trying to get proms too.

All comments, hints and tips welcome! (If anyone could recommend the best wavelet settings that would be really good!)




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Nice job Helen. Looks like the area Pete Lawrence imaged too.

What a versatile little camera the DMK is.

I'm looking forward to giving mine an airing soon, after all I think I've had it long enough.:) RobH will be thinking the same I think, as I bought it from him.

Hope you have a great New Year Helen. My regards to Mike, and Jean.


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what filter do you use to image the sun like this ? i`m very impressed well done

I shot the picture through a PST (personal solar telescope) Coronado Personal Solar Telescope which has the Ha filtering etc all built in. Its a great way of getting into observing the sun at a 'reasonable' cost. I've had mine for 3 years now and its had much more use than my other scopes because you can pop out for 10 minutes between clouds. Its good to see more activity recently on the sun.

I managed another shot yesterday. Not as much detail showing through though, and just mono at the moment.




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