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Good sites in Scotland?

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Hi all, i was wondering if anyone knows any good places to set up in Scotland preferably near Loch Lomond? I live in Glasgow and have been thinking the closest dark skies will be there, i was hoping that anyone will know any specific good places? Thanks.

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Hi John - I don't have any specific good places in Scotland other then Ft William where I camped 2yrs ago. However you can get Sky at Night (Jan). There's a pullout light pollution map of the British Isles so you may be able to select one based on that.

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Or - you could go to this link here http://avex.org.free.fr/cartes-pl/uk/UK-pl-relief-topo.html

and get a zoomable map for free - takes a few moments to come up to its highest detail but worth it.

You could also slink over to CSOG Scottish Astronomers

an informal observing group in central scotland who have staked out a number of dark sites some around Glasgow - I must declare an interest there cos I recently hooked up with them myself - a nice bunch of folks - pop into the forum and say hi - many are members here too..

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Hi John,

I live in Paisley (well some one has to :hello2:). You really want to try and get south of Glasgow as much as possible given that most of the observing or astrophotography you will do will probably be looking southish.

For a really really dark sky then a number of us (at Renfrewshire Astronomical Society) go down to Loch Doon at the north end of the Galloway Forest. This is extremely dark....which is why its recently been made a Dark Sky Park. It is however a 1hr 15min drive for me.....so you have to be sure of the forecast.

Nearer to home there is Muirshields Park which is quite a bit west of Glasgow. So the viewing from there in the east is carp because of the Glasgow glow, but not too bad to the south and west.

Apart from that, Loch Lomond will not be too bad, especially to the south, west and north. Some of the society used to go to a site just north of there, up one of the glens.

If you find a good location...then please report back and tell us....I would be interested to know.



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