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OOP's Missed a few bits


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Been having all sorts of problems with My DMK on my obs laptop but starting to get to the bottom of them...

So I decided to have a go at a Mosiac of the Partially Eclipsed Blue Moon... With the DMK12AU04AS with IR pass ont he CPC800XLT at f10...

And made a right pigs ear of it... 76 panes each of 500 frames at 60fps (about 12 GB of Video) processed in Registrax V5 then thrown into the Novemeber release of Microsoft ICE...Camera Motion set to Planar1...

Excuses first...

A Heady mix of High Variable cloud and Contrails combined with rushing to try and grab the data in as short a period of tiem as possible before the shadow changed significantly...

Quater Scale Jpeg the TIFF is 3686x3319 and 46.6MB


I had planned to try again tonight this time capturing A contnous strip of pan and paused video for each strip and then chopping this up in VirtualDub...

But soemone seems to have ordered and extra portion of Snowy looking clouds... :hello2:


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ICE refused to include the tiffs from the Eclipsed bit :hello2:

I might use its stitch of the Rest of the disk and add them in manually although the missing chunks have put me off doing it a bit..

Steve.. Get out so infrequently then if youh cant beat her .. Join Her... I did Start the "Learning to Love Luna" therapy sessions last year which is Why I bought the Opticstar and then Exchanged it for the DMK...

Around full moon my 30nm Ha just doest cut it so Luna gets a lookin...


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