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First Telescope.

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Hi everyone and Happy New Year :hello2:

For Christmas I was given a Heritage 76 Dobsonian, which is my first ever telescope so I'm a complete novice. I've done a lot of research on the net as to what I'll need but it's all a bit overwhelming. Could someone give me some advice on the basic accessories that I should get? it comes equipped with 2 Super MA eyepieces, 10 and 25mm. Any advice on recommended, affordable eyepieces that would work well with this particular scope would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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You will be able to learn your way around the sky with the Heritage scope that you have. To help you will need a star atlas - there is a free one at Taki's Home Page save and print on A4 paper - when they get tatty just print off another copy! Much cheaper than a book!! There are plenty of interesting objects that you can see with a scope of the size you have!!!! Look and learn.

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I would stick with the eyepieces supplied for now untill you are ready to move on to a larger telescope. Download Stellarium, buy a copy a Turn Left at Orion and also buy a red LED torch.


This is good advice from Peter - hold back from buying anything more for a while until you get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the scope and your preferences.

You get enough to get you up and running with the scope.

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Hi Hutchie,

All the above holds. Good advice.

Did the scope come with a collimating device? If not look at Collimation

The cheshire should do it. Then read up on collimating. Buy a wooly hat. Then contact The Renfrewshire Astro soc.

As you live in a city, have a look round for some darkish sites. Your scope is small enough transport almost anywhere.


Have fun.


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i have the little scope too and i don't thiink it's built to be user collimated which is a bit of a drawback at F4 ish. tbh although it is a very nice little piece of kit and I realy love mine i bought it mainly as a first scope for my 5 year old son and it's pretty hopeless as an astronomical instrument other than for the moon and the really bright clusters. better e/ps actually help quite a lot although i would agree with a previous poster that of you want to spend more £££ on the hobby, get a slightly bigger scope first of all. Don't let the limitations of the little one put you off the hobby -it's basically an introductory scope for a youngish child. Having said that it is a big improvement on the previous 76mm offering which sort of looked like a butternut squash and you had to rollit around a little bowl to point it...

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Hi again Hutchi,

Hmmm. Seems like you don't need a collimator yet then ! Sorry, I didn't realise. I thought you'd need one quite soon with such a fast scope. Hopefully it holds well.

Never fear. Have a look at Kielder Forest Star Camp

March isn't too far away and it isn't too far to go. Quite a few lads come down from your way. Bring the scope and have a look at some others.

Armed with your scope and some bins if you have, or can borrow some, you'll soon learn the sky.


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