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You are not going to believe this!!

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Amazing scope, but it always makes me wonder what a pain it will be to have to move the stepladder when tracking an object or finding a new one...

And the thought of falling in and dirtying that primary mirror....:hello2:

For that price though, they could have thrown in a set of decent EPs and a light shroud...

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A lot of money but then you get a lot of scope. At F3.75 I bet it's a pain to colliomate and indeed to keep the collimation when you move it up and down, I wonder what type of mirror cell it has.

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You should see the laser collimator - it's the size of a wheelie bin and can burn through steel lol

Handy for aiming and shooting at the neighbour's halogen lights, eh? :hello2::) If you don't take down the house as well.......

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