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Eyepieces Projection Camera adapter

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I have one of these so called simple eye piece projection adapters.

Simple connection, T ring thread one end with a simple 1.25 barrel at the other, “fits into any standard 1.25 telescope eye piece port”.

Well the problem I have is it will not fit my Orion Optics 2500mm or my Meade 125 ETX both have standard eye piece ports 1.25 I assume as I don’t have any issues with my varied eye pieces or my webcam SPC900NC barrel they all fit my scopes fine.

The adaptor looks cylindrical enough, no damage. I don’t have a micrometer but visually it looks close to a standard fitting, am I missing something!!

Any ideas what next..... The BIN? :hello2:

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Hello Acme, can we see a pic of the item in question. As far as I know the eyepiece fits in at the bottom end of the adapter and the CCD at the other via a T-adapter or screw tightening and then there is an variable extension possibility. A formula will work out fl you are achieving. JohnH.

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First time I have posted a picture so here it is..

Canon 350d T/ Ring one end no issues, eye piece can go in the barell held in place by the screw no issues... The unit can split into 2 parts with another T/Ring thread and the Male 1.25 barell end piece will not fit into either of my scopes...:hello2:




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