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So, who's got astro presents for Christmas?

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Anyone got any astro related presents for Christmas? (Apart from presents you've given yourself :) ).

Got any useless presents from someone who wanted to do you a favour but doesn't know anything about astronomy? :)

I got a Pocket Sky Atlas from Sky & Telescope and a calendar with astro images from my girlfriend. Useful and lovely, respectively :hello2:

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Yes, I got weather stations. Yup, two of them! And never in my life have I ever mentioned them to anyone, it's just a coincidence. Anyway no worries cos one can go in the B and B and the other in our flat so everyone will be happy.

I also got a set of foot and handwarmers, some re-usable and some not, but they seem great.

But, ahem, where's the six inch Takahashi refractor? Can't understand it, my hints were clear enough...


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Amanda tried to get me the Arp atlas of peculiar galaxies, but only the southern sky one is available, so not a lot of use to me, so she broke her printer printing the whole thing out for me, and then had it properly bound...great present....expect some rather peculiar galaxies from me :)

Like Olly, no-one seemed to listen to my requests for a 12.5 inch RCOS :hello2::D



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I was very lucky and got all the (realistic!) stuff on my Christmas list so I am now the proud owner of:-

an Astronomik OIII CCD Filter

an electro-luminescent screen for FLATS

the licence key for Noel Carboni's StarSpikes Pro

a year's subscription to S @ N magazine (great book on the Moon landings included)

and a custom adapter to allow my secondhand filter wheel to work with my MPCC

But the best present was welcoming my youngest son's brand new fiancée and her son to 'Christmas at the Richards family'. ......... not sure if we will ever see her again .... :hello2::)

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I was a very lucky boy.

As a relative newb starting from scratch, I was a little short on the kit front - having just a basic Explorer 200P on an unmotorized EQ5 and one Pentax EP.

Thanks to my luvverly missus rallying the family around, Santa dropped off another Pentax XW EP, a Synscan upgrade kit for the EQ5, a Baader Neodymium filter and a Orion 20mm illuminated cross-hair reticule EP. A lucky, lucky boy indeed. :hello2:

I have a nagging suspicion that when it's all set up, she's going to be at the EP more than me.. I get the distinct impression that I'm gonna end up as her astro-butler. Not that I mind: "Show me M42, will you Jeeves?" :)

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Having a partner interested does make life easier - my wife thinks I'm nuts! :hello2:

I got a extra long counter weight bar for the HEQ5 - my wife didn't even take it out of the FEDEX bag that it was sent in. You could have at least wrapped it in Christmas paper Steve!!!

I've also got a new 5m power lead for the H9, that'll make life a lot easier.


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I got spoilt (again). I got a saddle upgrade for the EQ6 - the C11 feels much more secure now:-) . I also got a DMK21 so I'm looking forward to using that on the planets with the C11 and on the PST. My parents bought me a USB dongle for EQMod and the Rob Gendler book.

It's bound to be clear now for a few nights in S Wales as that's where my kit is, but I'm in Yorkshire!


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My wife got me dual axis drives for my EQ-5 mount as well as S&T's "pocket sky atlas" and S&T's "mirror image moon map" ( which should be great for using alongside my Tal Refractor) :hello2:

Id like to think it was because she loves me, but its probably her way of getting me out of the house more often :)

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Michigoose got me a ground sheet and weather-proof cover for my dob; a strap for my bins, a proper lanyard for my camera and a cool shoulder carry bag to hold both on our trip to India. She had to do a lot of surreptitious surfing and emailing to keep it all secret.

Thanks, my dear, you're the best!


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wife woke up and found my errors and omissions
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I did very well for books this year, not all astronomy related but those that are:

Burnham's Celestial Handbooks

Astrophysics is easy

Foundations of Modern Cosmology

also Carl Sagans Cosmos DVD

on the non-astro front I got a Blackberry 8900 which I've been after for some time.

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