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NGC2808 Bennett 41


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Target: NGC2808 Globular Cluster Bennett 41

Camera: Canon 350d modified, Astronomik CLS clip filter

Exposure Capture: DLSR Focus,

Scope: GSO CF RC200

EFR: f/8

Mount: EQ6 Pro

Exposure Setting: Prime focus, ISO800 ICNR off Custom WB

Exposures: 21 x 60s, 10 x 180s, 9 x 330s, 2 x 600s lights taken between 8:00 and 1:00am 23-24/12/09

Seeing: first quarter moon, slight wind

Guiding: Orion Starshoot Autoguider using PHD with ED80

Focus: DSLR Focus Bahitov mask

Stacking: DSS with corresponding darks and flats

Processing: PS CS3 curves, levels, colour , PixInsight for DBE, MaxDL for background flatten gradient removal

Constellation Carina

Right ascension 9h 12m 2.6s Declination -64° 51′ 46.2″ Distance Approximately 30,000 light-years (9,000 parsecs) 24 light-years or 8 parsecs wide. Apparent magnitude (V) 7.8

NGC 2808 is a globular cluster in the constellation Carina. The cluster belongs to the Milky Way, and is one of our home galaxy's most massive clusters, containing more than a million stars. It is estimated to be 12.5-billion years old.


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