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Finally back home....Merry Christmas to you all!


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Hello all.

I've not had the time or energy to do more that occasionally take a quick peek at the forum for the last few weeks, so apologies to all. I will endeavour to work through posts I've not read over the next couple of weeks and catch up on the no doubt excellent images that will have been posted happy11.gif

I finally got home at 3am yestreday morning, having, due to the conditions, had a 23 hour journey from St Petersburg in Russia which involved delays and missed connections, and then a 5 hour drive in dreadful conditions to fiinally get here. In the process, my luggage was lost, and I have no idea where it is, and, as Gatwick was closed due to the runways being iced over, we landed at Bournemouth and sat on the runway for 3 hours...rather frustrating as this is only 30 miles from home but they wouldn't let me off, and flew back to Gatwick when it reopened crybaby2.gif

Anyway, home now and very happy to be back happy11.gif

A very merry Christmas and New Year to all of you, and may your

skies be clear and cameras busy headbang.gif



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Glad you are back safe and sound Rob, what a nightmare journey :)

Hope you get the chance to get out now with your kit!

See you later in 2010 no doubt, until then, all the best to you, Amanda, and of course, Nelson :D


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Wotcha Rob!

Get your slippers on and something warming down your neck!

Say 'uright' to Amanda for me and scratch Nelson the Superdog behind his ear. :)

And then, when you've got warmed up, chill out.....:D

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Hi and welcome back Rob, hope the tour went well, say merry Xmas to Amanda and Nelson from us. Will be sending you a pm soon about February when we hope to see you all again, hopefully you will get out with your scope, look forward to seeing more images...

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Welcome back and thanks for bringing the Russian winter back with you!

Hi and Happy Christmas to you, Amanda and Nelson.


PS. St Petersburg winter? This is nothing like a St Petersburg winter. Last time I was there it was -27C. Seriously though; Happy Christmas to you all from me too - Ed (AKA Michigoose)

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