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G11/gemini Power in the field

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Hi All,

How do you power your G11 or equivalent in the field. I have seen this product.


I prefer this price but wonder if it'll have enough power. G11 requires 12-18v DC, 3 Amps. The TH supply gives 12v and is rated 17.5 Ah.

Does this mean that the 12v will supply only just enough power, (12v as opposed to the range 12-18 specified by losmandy), and do it for nearly 6 hours?

Anyone got any other products to recommend?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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I use a car jump start battery pack from maplins. Very similar to the one from telescope house but only £29.99. 12 volts is fine, the 12-18 is the range that can be handled by the transformers onboard the controller. The 3amps is the maximum draw, and unless you are slewing at full pelt for 6 hours the 17 amp hours will last you for some time. A good few nights in my experience.

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