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How do you collimate a Skywatcher Laser Collimator ?

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Hi Guys

Having recently bought a skywatcher laser collimator i notice that when the collimator is rotated thro' 360 degrees along its axis the red laser point subscribes a circle (does not stay in the same position during rotation)

Does anyone know how to collimate the collimator ?



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I've recently bought a Revelation laser collimator which is more or less the same thing as the Skywatcher one. Mine needed collimating as well and I've used the technique in the article that Karlo has linked to. It works well enough but is a matter of making a number of small adjustments, then checking, then adjusting again. Originally my laser beam described a circle about 4 inches in diameter at 20 feet when I rotated the collimator and now it's down to less than 1 inch but I'd like to get it better still.

It's slightly annoying to have to do this but it seems to be par for the course with the lower cost laser collimators.


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Wonderful service from Steve (FLO)

Replacement Skywatcher Laser Collimator arrived today.

The unit was checked before delivery and the collimation

is "spot on" :D

Once again Steve proves that for overall customer service there is nobody that comes anywhere near.


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  • 2 years later...

Can you collimate the skywatcher collimator? I have an Antaries on order (waiting 3-4 weeks), but a skywatcher is available... If the skywatcher has collimator adjustment I can order it now and get my mirrors sorted (tried to do it with a 35mm film cap with a hole in it and I'm sure I've screwed it up!)

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