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Bino repairs

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2 pair of 10 x 50 binoculars. One a cheap Bresser and the other not much more expensive. both have received knocks and show a double/ghost image. Any advice on how to correct them?. Neither financially viable to send for repair, but would be great to get them back in action as a spare.

Many thanks in anticipation.


(Have been away from the site for AGES, good to be back in the UK, but not for long.):D

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Remedy depends a lot on how "double" the image is and how badly they have been knocked. There is very little adjustment on entry level binos, the prisms are usually cemented in and the objectives do not have eccentric collimation rings. A knock can cross thread the barrels containing the objective, try unscrewing them and start the thread again. If the double image is very slight, sometimes it can be corrected by turning either barrel through a few degrees and if this works mark the position and then bond them in place. In some cases, if you interchange the barrels and your luck is in, you might improve them. If a prism is dislodged, this would call for a major strip down and might not be worth the effort. As mentioned by others, a professional repair would cost more than a replacement.

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Of course if not fixable then you have the basis for a couple of 10 x 50 Finders :D. If only one prism is dislodged then that can become a 'straight thru finder' with a little bit of 'plumbing' . The other OK 'monocular' can be used a prismatic finder ( with a right way up image ) . Compact little telescope ( monocular ) too !

Merry Christmas all,

Len E

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Cheers for the advice, very interesting article, but unfortunately past repair, (well my own efforts). Am interested in the 10x50 monocular idea. Have seen the make your own refractor with 50mm primariesfrom bins, may look at those as projects. in the meantime and elf from Lapland has told me not to worry!!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!:D

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