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What should I look at through my new scope?


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Tonight I get my Skymax 127 (very excited indeed) - I then end up in Weymouth for ten days (staying with my mum - holiday for the kids).

I am a complete newbie to using a telescope so what should I look at first? (Then second, then.....)

Having read many threads on this forum it seems I may bring the curse of clouds by buying this scope - so apologies in advance.

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Hi Zeffer!

The obvious target (if its about) is the Moon. For deep sky M57 (Ring Nebula), M27 (Dumbbell Nebula), M13, M2, M5 (globular clusters) are good starters. They are all pretty bright and should e pretty easy to locate under dark skies.


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Jupiter is kinda obvious, and a good target. Use low power to centre it in the field of view, then switch to a higher power eyepiece. Cygnus (look overhead for a cross-shaped constellation, is full of stars, so just look around in it at low power. The star at the bottom of the cross is Albireo, which is a gorgeous double, and will be easy for your scope. Lyra (look for the brightest star in the sky, just about 10degrees south of zenith) contains the Ring Nebula, a little difficult to find, but easy to see once you acquire it. Check any online star map for a picture of the constellation, the ring is between the two brighter stars about a thumb's width from Vega and at an angle. There's a very nice, easy double near Vega, two 5th mag stars that look like a cat's eyes.

Sweep around Cassiopeia (the "W" shaped constellation to the north, for star clusters. You will see some, go back and find out what they are later. Look at the second star in the handle of the Plough, it'll surprise you.

Just look at stuff and be amazed!

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Fantastic maps James and advice from all. I have seen Jupiter through bins recently and that's what convinced me to get a scope. I am getting impatient now but my children are still at school and there's packing to be done - moan.

I love the enthusiasm (esp. The Warthog) - I can see being a member of this forum keeps the hobby exciting even on cloudy nights.

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