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A big thank you to Telescope House for helping me overcome a small problem concerning a burnt finder. Tired on the night of the 18/19, I covered my LX200's main tube but left the finder open. Leaving the scope in it's active position but having turned the drive off, I went to bed without realising I'd pointed the scope quite close to where the Sun would pass a few hours later - ouch!

A quick email to TH and a replacement unit was in the post 5 minutes later. Excellent service.

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Glad to hear Telescope house sorted you out.

I had great service from them when I purchased my 10" Dob from them.

One of the spider vanes on the secondary was bent and when I contacted them

about it their service was superb.

They sent me out another scope before the original had even been uplifted from me

and then arranged for a courier to pick up the original one at a time that was convenient to me.

Cheers, Bob.

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Nice to hear you got well looked after and are back in business. Don't like the thought of leaving the scope out though - mine sleeps in the living room.

Hope nothing else got burned. Heard of a chap watching the sun with full aperture filter on scope but forgot to cap up his finder - burned a nice hole in the hair on the side of his head! Thought that sort of thing was a bit of an astronomers urban myth but he swore it was true. Bet it made him jump a bit (-;

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