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First light report using Sky-Watcher Heritage130P flextube


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I just let my lil 2 yr old Yorkie pup (Chara) out for her last toilet break of the night and saw that the sky was crystal clear. Having just took ownership of my new scope yesterday, i decided just for fun to grab it and and have a quick 20 min observing session while Chara did her thing.

OBVIOUSLY my 1st target was Orion as it is right there in your face. I focused in on M42 (as you do) and for the first time in my life after nearly 30 yrs of observing Orion through 10X50 bins,20X90 bins and a 90m scope........................

My jaw dropped and "WOW" was the only word i managed to utter.

The detail..............OMG.............the detail. It was like looking at something i have never observed before. I hardly recognised it. I even managed to see all of the main stars within the "trap" very clearly defined. Definitely 5 of them........not 100% sure on the 6th.

My god the adrenalin is pulsating through my body.

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It seems to me (and contrary to the "norm"), that me buying a scope has actually chased the clouds away. It has been crisp and clear here since saturday night. I feel a full test drive coming on tonight.

It's been clear here for the most part, for over a week. To be honest I would trade clear skies for non icy pavements any day of the week, I HATE this weather

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