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Eqmod Game controler

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Can some one help please,I have got eqmod working ,and i now need to get a gamepad to control it.

I have a ps3 controller and a wii controler.How do i connect these to the computer and configure it to work wirelessly .

I have conected the ps3 controller with the usb cable and xp regonises it but i cant seem to do any more,is there more software required or am i missing something.



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Ian, if, like many wireless controllers, specifically keyboards and mice, you may have to "train" them. There may be a button on both the controller that's plugged into your USB, and on the pad itself. If so, click both of them while they're within range of each other to get them "talking". Apologies, but I'm not familiar with PS3 controllers, yours may not require this procedure!

Also, once you get them talking to each other, besides initialising the pad in EQMOD, you must also assign commands to the pad, via EQMOD's config page, the one that extends out from the column-like window that opens when you run EQMOD. The basic stuff like scope direction control may already be pre-set. After this, you need to "unpark" your scope from within EQMOD, assuming it already "sees" your scope.



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