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Red Dot Finders


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I have often thought that the RDF although a very useful piece of equipment for locating your target, the design, from my view, has never really been completed, in as much that it lacks a back site. I have read a number of threads where some people, many of them beginners have had trouble locating the dot on the screen, a simple back site made from fine stiff wire in the shape of a magnifying glass, with the circle, which I think should be not more than 5mm in diam, could be coated in fluorescent paint. The location of the stem on the back of the RDF can be fixed with blue tack as a temporary measure to find the best position. Centering your red dot in the fluorescent ring onto your target will make for quite an accurate aiming device. If you find the set up to your liking ways could be found to make it permanent, including a hood to protect the wire loop etc. Oh and before I forget, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all forum members.


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