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Nikon Camera Control Pro

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Found this on t'internet when I was looking for some way of previewing the DSLR to help with focusing.




This software allows the Nikon digital SLR to be controlled from a computer via the USB cable. The ISO setting, shutter speed, noise reduction etc. can all be adjusted by using menus on screen rather than wobbling the 'scope all over the place and tripping over wires.

Another thing that the software allows is what it calls "time lapse" mode where it can be set to take a picture at preset intervals. The interval can be adjusted to suit the application i.e. can be seconds, minutes or hours between shots. There is no limit to the number of shots and they can be captured to the computer to allow more images to be captured than would fit on the memory card if you have a small one, if you'll excuse the expression.

One thing that I can't get it to do is timed exposures longer than the maximum setting (30 seconds on my D50) on the camera, which is a shame. For that I used the IR remote control (set the shutter to bulb in the software and then zap it manually with the blipper).

Once the image is captured it can be previewed at 100% size, 50% size or full frame in a scaleable window. This is great for framing shots and adjusting the focus until it's just right. In preview mode you can have the latest image full screen which updates when the new image is captured so that you can see what's happening.

My target last night was unfortunatley too dim (Veil Neb. see DSO posting) to show up at 30 seconds, but it was nice letting it get on with it while I did something else. I set the interval to 1 minute 10 seconds to allow for the noise reduction processing, shutter at 30 seconds, and it had about 3 seconds between finishing processing and firing again.

The intended something else will be a bit of visual on my other mount, but last night's cloud made it going to get another beer - nice.

The software is a free 30 day trial but I couldn't find a price for the serial number which will be needed to extend the life. You might get away with setting the date to 2015 before installing it as that sometimes works OK.

All in all a useful bit of software, depending on the price.

Captain Chaos

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