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Noisy Phantom


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A late start last night waiting for the clouds to move over.:D

The phantom neb (LDN1622):

I got 14 x 10 min's through the 10" newt before it went behind next doors house( the nebular not the scope).

Tuff target at 1200mm, I couldn't see it to frame the shot even with 3 minute bin x 2 subs so I had to use the star field.

This is going to need a lot more time to reduce the noise.



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I've never seen this before Mike, but it's well named.

Spooky looking thing, and a well imaged. I'seen dark nebulae before, but this is unique to me. Very difficult to frame I guess, as you said.

Will you add to it in time then?


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It's in Orion Ron, above and to the left of the Horse head on the other side of Bernard's loop.

Not sure if I will give it the time it needs at this scale, I might have a go with the 80ED though.



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