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67 day "enforced" break... at last a clear night... IC405 IC410 BCF Modified 1000D


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After Longest and most depressing spell of non imaging weather so far ... not helped by equipment problems brough on by lack of use .. finally had the kit up and running again and a clear night last night (low of -8C inside the obs)..

I decided to spend most of the night on a single target taking subs of 300 and 600s...

So here's the first image for a long time...

IC405 and IC410 in Auriga taken with BCF modified 1000D on WO Megrez 72 with WO FF III through Hutech IDAS P2 filter

15x300s and 21x600s with 41 skyfalst and 51 bias frames all "chucked" into DSS post processed in CS3...



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Wash your mouth out with soap young man!...I know that feeling though...I keep getting it with the guitars I have and then I remember that every now and again I get half an hour to play them and during that half hour its great fun.

I think sometimes it is good to have a guilt free break and come back refreshed!

Neil C

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Thanks all for the comments... Hopefully 2010 will be a better year all round for everyone...

Been playing with the data for a few hours (ok minutes really as I fell asleep for the rest of the time - I'm so out of practice and dont think I am anywhere near the marathon multi day night sessions of last year) so this will have to do for now...



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He's always been around only on XXXX :D:D

Seriously tho..nice image mate.. Glad you got the coloured stars also, was beginning to think I'd gotten my image all wrong :)

Sometimes a break will re charge your enthusiasm...


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