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Ok so don't laugh..

I totally gave up with trying to take a picture, I just couldn't get the camera to pick anything up, even though the exp was 10seconds.. I have decided my camera is Rubbish for anything other than the moon lol.

So I did it the old fashion way, which was still a poor attempt lol


I know don't laugh, but it's quite hard drawing while looking through the EP! That is my first attempt however :D

Also while looking around before the mist rolled in, I got this Cat Nebula


Oh it ain't it's my cat Kit lol. At one point he was sat on the Dob mount lol.

Not a bad night's viewing, in between dodging high clouds and mist, I just kept around Cassiopeia. I also spotted Jame's little galaxy in Herc..Likes like a tiny smudge through a 10mm EP.


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