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mars dec 17 th

neil phillips

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Snatched this between the bad weather on the 17th Dec at 4.50 GMT, because of bad drift on the lx 10 mount and manual corrections, im spending a couple of mins keeping the image on screen, as such im losing quite a few frames. but 4 mins at 30 fps it seems is still enough to show quite a bit of detail.

DFK camera,

Meade 8" LX 10, 3x barlow f30 6000 mm FL heavily resized, but i thought the quality could easily take it.

Slight artifact on the left edge. i was going to blur out but didnt think it was worth bothering, theres something more true about a warts and all image. quite a few features can be made out, i wil have to download a comparison map image if anyone knows of a good link. my best capture of the red planet so far this year. This the boring side of mars


The offending size now deleted sorry guys, a moment of sillyness on my part.

Edited by neil phillips
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Basically a really good image Neil, but without meaning to be rude the resampling/resizing is a bit OTT....!:):D

You've picked up some fantastic detail and there are actually clouds visible in your image - not certain about all of them along the terminator limb but definitely the 2 around the CM area and the one off the NPI.....took the liberty of repro'ing your image to what imho is a better scale where details aren't blurred so much: didn't worry about limb artefacts etc as it was only the jpeg I had but, a bit of judicious decon etc helps (along with the scale reduction.....:p)

But regardless, whatever floats our seperate boats.....a nice capture for an 8" whatever our individual appraisals of various processings is!;):D


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Thanks for the input guys.

Thanks for having a go on the processing front, The large image was just meant to be a bit of fun lol. i dont make a habit of 500% resizes. Some examples on my site if your interested.

Neil phillips lunar and planetary images

But i thought it was interesting to show you guys how blur was the only degradation at this silly resize scale. I must admit i do tend to dislike heavily processed images, for details sake, i do think it should still look fairly natural. having said that, i am still experimenting with the image and i do think i could have pushed it further. So heres a redo more akin to what you was doing. BTW i did do Deconvolution. but i agree having looked at this again more is there to be got for sure, and a certain amount of blur was left. I think the large example made that impression more obviouse ( it would ) the smaller version does still look pretty natural in terms of sharpening and noise, But as of your example again i could have gone further. Dont think i would want to push it much further than this though. A change of colour balance here too. Some may find it a little red.

Thanks for taking the time to play with the image. I always find others perspectives of use. it helps me refine my own. Cheers



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Nice pic with some good detail..I too prefer a more unprocessed image result (I don't like M42 with a clean core, as an example, as it is not a true representation of the brightness...I feel it is a bit of a lie)

Neil C

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