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Apart From Nikon & Canon ???

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Hi James,

Are you asking about a DSLR ?

If so you need only look around at the vast majority of pictures taken with a DSLR to know Canon is the weapon of choice for most. If you are starting down this road with no other lenses etc. the choice comes down to what you can afford.

Nikon cameras are very good despite what you may read. The D90 has one slight " Gotcha ". As of yet the software won't do bulb. It only goes up to 30 seconds. A remote gets round this.

If you do have Nikon lenses, you can still use a Canon body and an adaptor. Not the other way round.

Other makes I know nothing about. Sorry.


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I was thinking of outside the DSLR Range, as with the Nikon 4300 / 4500 you could get proper astronomy adaptors.

I just wondered with the amount of digital cameras on the market there were some that still had the threads by the camera lens ?

It's more for Moon work than DSO's.


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I have a canon 350, a 450 and a sony a350 I got a great deal on.

Sony was lot cheaper, came with a better range lens 18-200 to take on travel but whenever I have to pick one I go for the canons.

- Autofocus on the sony is way too irregular, it fails to focus under low light conditions or fast moving objects and I lost lots of perfect shots cause of it.

- Any thing over ISO400 in the Sony is garbage. The noise is just too much. The canons have almost perfect iso up to 800 and good at 1600. Better then a ISO 800 in the Sony.

Other then those they are pretty much the same. The sony haves 1 advantage, it allows RAW on auto mode witch may come in handy again when you are travelling and don't want to prepare your shots.

I never tried astro photography with them.

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