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Hi All


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West Wales resident. Joined to say thanks after lurking a while trying to decide which 'scope to get for my father, to get him back into one of his favourite pastimes after a long (too long) break from it.

I have a suspicion I've just contracted the bug along the way though, so you may see quite a bit more of me. :D

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Welcome from me too.

I like this forum because there are no prima donna's here. The most experienced of members treat total novices like myself with respect. While some forums are extremely intimindating, this is friendly, informative and most importantly inclusive!

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Hi Ogri,

Welcome to SGL.

Love the username, are you a fan of bike magazine? I've read it for years...:)

Anyway good luck with the scope buying, plenty of decent ones available.

Yes, been a fanatical motorcyclist since 1969. :D

Thanks all for the welcome, this does indeed seem a pretty terrific site. :D

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