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37 years ago today...


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Yep, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (in Eagle) came down in the Mare Tranquillitatis (Lat 00 degrees 67 minutes North, Long 23 degrees 49 minutes East), although I think it was the early hours of the 20th July that Neil set foot on the surface.

I remember it well, I was an 11 year old and my parents woke me up in the middle of the night (I think about 3am) to see it all. I remember being excited, but slightly disappointed that the TV picture was so bad. Weird to think it was 37 years ago - I am feeling ancient.

Tomorrow, in 1976, Viking 1 landed on Mars. The site was Chryse - our first views from the Martian surface.

I was a student then, but still interested in Science and Astronomy - I remember the excitement of it all. There was still a feeling that Mankind was striving for the Stars - not the slightly sad, jaded feeling I often get now, when I think of manned space exploration.

What were YOU doing when Man first set foot on the Moon?


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When the landing occurred, I was driving hell bent for election across the top of Toronto, following my cousin's fast car to the airport, where we were to pick up my aunt and uncle who were visiting from England. Afterwards, we went back to my cousin's apartment, and watched some of the events on the television.

When my aunt and uncle left, they bought us a commemorative plate which hung on the wall until the day before their next visit to Canada, when it fell from the wall and shattered.


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