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My jupiter pic mobile phone pic

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This is Jupiter through the 6" f8 reflector. Would love to believe the blob on the lower right edge is something to do with one of the moons but I'm pretty sure it's just 'pixel' related. I did see my first shadow transit that night though... hmmm :D

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Me thinks it was my trusty old 15mm SP with x2 TAL barlow. This 6" is f8 though. Quite pleased as was just holding the phone to the eyepiece where I normally use my homemade camera to scope bracket for hands free. Best results is to take 6 pics with one click (multi shot) and choose the one with less shake. Best done with bracket attached - first two shots are blurred from button press but next four ok to choose from. Wanted to stack a vid stream in Regi but could not convert the Nokia avi file to something Regi could read. Downloaded a couple of avi file converters but they did not deliver as promised, so it's just single frames for me... pah.

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The file extensions for the Nokia 6630 are".3gpp" Did down load two converters but all they did was produce AVI files that no player/media program could read. They were free so that's OK but for a minute there I thought I'd got it licked - know what I mean?

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