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Stellarium 0.10.2 crashes on startup

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Radeon x1650 pro graphics with all the driver gubbins (catalyst control centre)

2.5gig RAM

1.8 ghz processor

Windows XP with all the relevant updates

I am sure the program ran well recently, but all of a sudden it crashes on Startup with the prompt to report to Microsoft.

I'm lost without it and clueless what to do after doing all I can think I can do, like for example, removing Catalyst Control Centre as someone online reported this to be a problem.

Well, I am not that lost without it, as I have a star map. :icon_eek: It's just great to have as a quick way of keeping an eye on the planets, and mapping the current night sky outside my door.

Even rolled back to the previous build, 0.10.1 and the same problem persisted.

I also decreased the hardware acceleration (was on full), Stellarium ran, but it was verrrry slow....

I'd be extremely grateful for any suggestions. :)

I'm going back outside to top up my Messier list...........

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Hi Sam

I had the exact same problem with the x1650 pro card after instalation. All opengl dependent programmes like stellarium and starry night crashed on the startup splash screens when trying to load opengl - the only thing that finally worked after weeks of messing was a upgrade of the motherboard drivers. Try your motherboard website for latest drivers and bios. It is very frustrating but you may need to uninstall the graphics card and any legacy drivers so you get a clean install but try the motherboard route first.

Good luck - Tony

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Thanks very much for your reply.

It looks like I have Stellarium running fine now. This is what I did after your suggestion;

Upgraded motherboard chipset, etc. The BIOS was up to date for the mobo (for 2005, that is, LOL!!!)

Stellarium still did not work

Uninstalled graphics card drivers, re-installed, rebooted

Stellarium 0.10.2 worked!!

Absolutely bizarre, thanks again for your help!!!

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