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I've got the urge

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I've not been out with the telescope for a long while and I've just seen how clear it is outside. Naturally I've really got the urge to grab everything and head out.

Problem is, I'm recovering from having my left knee realigned (lateral release for anyone who knows their knee stuff). Just over 3 weeks post op, but i'm walking well and could probably set up with a little difficulty.

I'm relly torn here. I've not been out since August or September, but then of course theres the not too small issue of being 3 weeks post op.

I think sitting around doing nothing for the last 3 weeks has got to me and made me irrational:D

decisions decisions


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only do it if you feel your knee is up to it. also the cold won;t help the knee the skies will be clear again sometime your knee healing won't. It can take well upto 16 weeks to heal inside so don't risk it.

Could you set up by a open window inside I have my scope set up by my bedroom window for quick peeks I just open the window.

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Let the thing heal.

Then wait a couple of weeks more.

Cousin of mine had an op, kept using the arm, after 2 more op's he was told bluntly: Do not use for 3 months, or get used to the idea of not being able to use it again properly!"

They meant it.

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your knee is rather important for holding parts of the legs together as well as holding the extensor tendons for the foot it is possible to mess them up for life after a op like that i would advise giving it at least another few weeks at least if not another month

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Decided against doing a big observing session. Got someone to do the heavy lifting for me, got a rough polar alignment, pointed it at m42, whacked the dslr on and then sat down and watched the geminids. Got foggy after a while so i got the scope took back in for me.

If i'd had to do all of the lifting i wouldn't have gone out with the telescope. As it happened it was less strenuous than the physio i'm doin, plus the cold has made it nice and numb.

Not a bad night. Just got to look at my pictures now.

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