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My scope won't magnify!?!

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Hi all,

I have a 130PM with a Super 25 lens on top of a Barlow 2X, giving a total of 52X magnification.

I am used to seeing Jupiter as an Orb, with surface textures and moons, but tonight, it only looks liek a pinprick of light.

I tried Andromeda, and it is as normal.

Any ideas?


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if the setup you used normally shows jupiter as a disc with detail, and this time dident, my only suggestion is that you dident have jupiter in the field of view.

cant see any other solution, since M31 was as normal.


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Presumption is that it wasn't Jupiter. But with 52x it couldn't have been a moon of Jupiter as your view would have been enough to include Jupiter.

Sure it was the 25mm EP and not something a lot smaller so greater magnification but smaller field of view?

About 5-6 weeks back Neptune was close to Jupiter, no idea where it is at this time but wonder if it is close enough and you missed Jupiter. Would be small dot and blueish.

Other thought is that the barlow can be put in upside down? Looked at the one I have and it cannot but no idea about the one you have. Probably the same arrangement as mine but thought I would ask.


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