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Cerium Oxide polish


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Cerium Oxide is sold as a powder and mix it with a suspension, it's very dangerous to breathe in the powder:eek: so please take extra care when mixing;)

BTW, it's also very good for polishing scratches out of mineral watch crystals:D

Regards, John:)

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Jewellers Rouge is also used to polish mirrors, and will probably be effective for the job you have in mind.

The only thing is, it stains a vivid red colour, and pretty tenacious stuff. My only experience with both these materials, is in the optical arena, polishing, and figuring telescope mirrors. It is used in partnership with optical pitch in its use on mirrors.

Rouge is slower acting, but will produce a quality surface. Also, a scratch that can be seen, is unlikely to be removed by polishing it out. Unless you spend an inordinate amount of time trying.


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