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Image output size

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I have just started using my new Neximage camera with reasonable results on Jupiter considering

the low altitude it is at the moment. I have searched for data & information to help me on

my way and was greatly helped by an article by Mike Swanson on the Nexomage imager. I am however

not sure what he means when he says that he sets his output size to 320x 240 as he has

had better results than at 640 x 480 ( which I have been using ) I thought that this output

size did not affect the results or operation of the capturing but was just to give a larger

window on the laptop for focussing purposes, which it seems to do. I did have problems,

recently posted, with the Registax taking ages to optimize. This I found was somewhat

solved by using 5 FPS on capturing. On 10, 20 & 30 sec run this is fairly quick but when I

tried 90 secs - 5 FPS - 20th sec exposure, not over exposed image, it took an hour to

optimize. Is this something to do with the Output size ?

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