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NGC 6960


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A small part of the veil nebula, had allmost perfect viewing for this time of year, very clear and still conditions..

I have imaged the veil nebula before using a 135mm lens but not this part, i was going to use the 135 lens tonight but couldn't be botherd changing things and stuck to the Skywatcher102..


Atk 2hs

0.5 F reducer

CLS Filter

40 frames @35sec




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Captured it well Martin, its not an easy one is it , the front part is OK but the back end of the Neb is so faint to get , nice image though , just need to reduce those bloated stars a tad.


Wish i knew how to reduce them bloated stars Rog :?

Very happy with the end result :D


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i will send u a small tutorial on it Martin

Rog . later on tonight OK


Thanks Rog

Here's a redo using that tutorial..managed to get a bit more nebulosity to show by increasing the contrast a touch..



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